Audiovisual distractions in a pediatric dental office

Whenever you step into a dental office with focus on pediatric dentistry you are bound to come across colourful paly area, dolls, caricatures, televisions with cartoons running all the time, multimedia games etc. It has been scientifically proved and documented that audiovisual distraction modalities reduces anxiety and fear in children especially in a dental environment.

Moreover, it gives them an immense level of physical and mental comfort that they totally forget that they have come to meet a doctor. So waiting time is immensely pleasurable.

Moreover, during the procedure, audiovisual communication tools help in significantly distracting the child from injections, drill sound, unpleasant taste of materials and their pain threshold increases many folds. Audiovisual distraction with NOIS (commonly called laughing gas sedation or sleep dentistry) is considered a highly potent combination in handling younger children from the age of five years. This combination ensures a highly desirable dental experience for the child.

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