Digital x-rays in dentistry

With advent of latest advancement technology, x-ray have also taken a big lead in dentistry and in medicine. With the digital mode in place, x-ray development done manually and slowly in extinction process. Most of the time, x-rays are seen in monitor discussed with patient and treatment carried out. Even client from outside countries or from a far of place share their x-rays through mail, WhatsApp and get their opinion for their problem. In this digital world x-ray have better clarity and quality. Moreover, the cumbersome process of developing and fixing with silver nitrate Solution are taking a back seat. Maintaining a clean and better environment, so digital x-rays are more of needful now.

IOPA in digital mode

IOPA are small radiographs taken with small films inside the mouth. With the advent of digital modes, convention small IOPA films are replaced by RVG and phosphor plates. RVG have a digital CMOS sensors and attached by a USB to the monitor and x-rays are taken very fast, and if needed multiple exposures done less than ¼ of radiation used than the conventional method. Another mode of x-ray are phosphor plates sensors, like x-ray film which are very comfortable for the patient and the visualization is done immediately with the help of sensor develop station placed at the remote location from the area of working. It is very convenient to handle and the images are stored safety in the hard disc. Thus RVG’s and phosphor plates are invading all dental clinics in urban and semi-urban areas.

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