Dentistry for Kidz ‘N’ Teenz
Dentistry for Kidz ‘N’ Teenz

We at Kidz’n’Teenz aim at providing a pleasant & quality dental care and guiding the children into adults with least dental problems.

This Children's clinic is a normal place with novel ideas. Some of its salient features which are apart from the routine dental care includes :

  • Tooth School cum play area-Application oriented learning on dental care coupled with recreational ambience.
  • It is first of its kind in Chennai to provide paperless data management (fully computerised) convenient symbiotically for the patients who walk in for treatment as well as for the doctors who take good care of them.
  • Child Dental Trauma Help line--within 30 minutes of your information one of the paediatric dentist will be there at the dental office to take care of your child apart from normal working hours.
  • Good Care--children involved in fast sports, contact sports will be provided necessary care and prevention modalities to take good of their teeth and jaws.
  • Quality Orthodontic care and proper teeth and occlusal guidance.
  • Preventive Dental care--use of sealants, fluoride, periodic assessment of dental hygiene and maintenance etc...
  • Dental management of special children ( physically,medically and emotionally compromised children)
  • Aesthetic dental care for children-use of composites, replacement of lost teeth(etc)
  • Correction of oral habits such as thumb sucking , tongue thrusting, mouth breathing, teeth grinding etc


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