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Braces are common terminology used by people wearing fixed orthodontic aligners for teeth. They are most commonly fixed for correcting crooked teeth, forwardly placed teeth, to increase the visibility of the teeth, to improve the felid appearance, to improve the overall dental health (etc.). They are most commonly fixed for children between the ages of 12-16 years. But sometimes early correction is recommended by 7-9 years based on the problem nowadays with the advancement in technology dental braces are used in young and older adults for correcting teeth positions.

Individualized orthodontic braces for problems tailor-made for that particular client’s issue is also done through customized software based treatment planning. Results are very good and precise because of the tailor-made to correct the issue in that particular patient's teeth. We have a lot of variety of materials used for dental braces.

  1. The metal which is high-grade nickel chromium
  2. Ceramic commonly called as tooth-colored braces
  3. Clear braces: composite resin-based materials for more invisibility
  4. Lingual braces: braces placed on the back side of the teeth for older adults for no visibility.
  5. Clear aligners: for simple orthodontic corrections using clear plastic trays that are not to the sea by others while they are undergoing treatment.

Whatever varieties and types which are available in the market it is our duty as a seeker (patient, client) to get a good orthodontist advise on needing the right choice of dental braces for the right problem in you.

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder“

This means it is the inmate person who has to decide whether this is good for me or not. If a person does not like his teeth crooked he has to correct it. The same way if a person is fine with crooked teeth it does not need to the corrected unless and until it can cause real function issues like gum bleeding, difficulty in brushing (etc.).

So get a good genuine advice from an ethically good orthodontist for the needed valuable suggestions for the wellbeing of your teeth and face.

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