Therapeutic Care VS Preventive Care: Which is the Best Solution?

Common therapeutic care in dentistry is drilling and filling of teeth whereas preventive care is prevention of teeth from getting cavities.

As you all know prevention is better than cure, but how much times it is better in your pocket (monetarily).

Scientifics data states it is 1:32 times better. It means that one rupee spent on prevention save thirty two rupees spent on therapeutic care. So if you spend Rs. 1000 on prevention you are likely to save Rs. 32000 on therapeutic in the long run. So this is also a means of saving. Moreover, the time and discomfort with the dentist is minimal in prevention whereas it is exhaustive in therapeutic care.

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Few preventive care measures are

    Radiographic assessment of decay periodically
    Tooth X-ray – Best Dental Clinic in Chennai

    Oral prophylaxis
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    Gum (periodontics) assessment with OPG
    X-ray of Tooth Set – Rayen’s Dental Centre

    Topical fluoride application
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    Pit and Fissure sealants
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    Minimal invasive procedure
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