Composites In Dentistry

Composite in Dentistry

Composite resins are also known as tooth coloured filling material. It provides good durability and resistance to fracture in small and medium sized filling and withstands pressure from constant chewing force.

Few advantages of composite filling are:

  • Strong and flexible
  • It exactly mimics natural teeth
  • Durable than metal fillings
  • Routine can be followed immediately after procedure
  • There is no wait time to have food after procedure.
Composite in Dentistry – Rayen Dental Care

Even though it’s a permanent filling, the life span depends upon the following factors. These are few tips to be taken by patient to increase the life span of composite filling.

  • Maintenance of proper oral hygiene
  • Routine dental visits
  • Precaution should be taken not to bite anything hard using front tooth after restoring fractured tooth.
  • Higher the pressure, more likely tooth is prone to fracture (or) breakage.

Precaution to be taken by dentist during the procedure:

  • First and foremost step to be followed is proper isolation during procedure which helps to enhance best results
  • Shade to be matched in natural light
  • Dentist must ensure that both the filling and the adjacent natural tooth looks alike.
  • While filling deeper cavities with composite dentist prefer a special medication to avoid sensitivity and pain post treatment.

Few steps involved in filling:

  • Tooth is etched for 15 seconds to create rough surface
  • Followed by etching , bonding agent is applied with applicator tip and cured with a special blue light
  • Material is added in increments and cured using blue light to harden the material.We at “RAYEN DENTAL CARE NUNGAMBAKKAM” are specialized in providing permanent restoration for all your cavity problems using composite material with new advanced techniques.

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