First Aid for Dental Trauma

Trauma can happen indoor or outdoor (outside home or at school) commonly as soon as you are alerted, first and foremost, don’t panic.

What to do following a Dental Trauma
First Aid for Dental Trauma
First Aid Trauma

Easy to tell but very difficult to implement as soon as you see your child, the blood tinged injury around the face and teeth will make you scary and go hay way.Again I say don’t panic first and foremost and most important first aid is ice pack.

Provide ice fermentation as much as possible. If you notice any missing tooth inside the mouth search for it at the trauma happened place .If you find any piece/tooth just wash it in running tap water and place it in milk ,saline or contact lens solution and rush to the nearby dental clinic for first aid management. If you find time better log on to

First Aid for a knocked-out Permanent tooth

To summaries Ice pack: external aspect. No spitting of saliva or blood. Keep head tilted looking upwards.

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