Fluoride Varnish Vs Fluoride Gel

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Fluoride is scientifically proven to benefit teeth enamel in preventing cavities. For a longtime fluoride gels and foams were the first choice dentist use to protect patients teeth from decay. Fluoride gels are messy to work with and even uncomfortable for patients. Ease of swallowing them makes it unsafe for young kids. Gel is applied on a tray and placed in the mouth which needs 4 minutes of waiting time for full effectiveness. Post application patient is advised not to drink or eat anything for hours. Gels don’t hold up to the advancing fluoride varnish which is being offered today by many Dentist.

Fluoride Gel – Dental Clinic in Chennai

Fluoride Varnish can be applied to teeth in minutes without messy trays or dripping of excess salvia from mouth. Teeth is dried up and isolated, varnish is painted on the tooth and allowed to dry forming a thin layer that does not rinse off while eating or drinking. It gives fluoride release for up to 24 hours after initial application for increased absorption into the tooth surface. Fluoride varnish can be applied even on infants’ first teeth as it’s not easily swallowed.

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