Fluoride – Kid's toothpaste

What do you need to know for kid’s toothpaste?

More than the toothpaste it is the brushing technique and brushing time which are most important determinants for a good oral health.

  • Brushing time-2 minutes
  • Brushing technique-check your pediatric dentist

Coming again to your question the best toothpaste, there is no good, better or best. The only major requirement is that if you are a resident of India then mandatorily uses low-fluoride toothpaste (450 ppm) till your child is eight years of age. Above eight years use your regular adult toothpaste which contains optimum level of fluoride (1100-1200 ppm F).

If you live outside India conditions vary. Check your pediatric dentist for more info on this if interested.

Fluoride Kids Time
Fluoride Kids Table
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