Gum Diseases In Adults

Gum Disease

Just like Dental cavity the second most common problem a person complains in dental office is bleeding gums. It is very common complaint because of dirt accumulation at the junction of gums and neck of the tooth. Leaving the dirt for longer period of time results in hardening of this dirt and forming a structure around the tooth called ‘Calculus’. When this formation happens, it is very difficult to remove the dirt accumulation with good brushing. It requires professional intervention to perform procedure called Scaling to clean the dirt called calculus. If this dirt is left over a long period, it results in very bad odour called halitosis, bleeding gums, mild pain, discomfort while eating, detaining of tooth structures resulting in condition called Gingivitis. If left untreated for long, it can lead to long standing disease condition called Periodontitis. The tooth starts getting loosened and shaky inside the mouth. So an intervention of a dentist is necessary to provide effective treatment of the disease condition.

Gum Disease Stages

So the take home message will be regular cleaning once in a year or once in two years to avoid problems like this in near future.

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