Hidden Consequences of loosing teeth

So, have you been facing any consequences loosing any of your teeth…!!! If you have lost any of your teeth, you may no longer be able to speak, eat, chew, smile and look the same. It might sound a bit harsh but that’s the truth. Even your self-confidence may fade away.

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In this blog, let’s see the hidden consequences of losing teeth that affect not only your appearance but also your health. When a tooth is lost, the stimulation it provided disappears. In just the first year of tooth loss, there is a 25% decrease in bone width. This is followed over the next few years by an overall 4 millimetres decrease in height.
If enough teeth are lost, and as bone loss continues, the distance from nose to chin can decrease and the lower third of the face partially collapses. With a lack of structural support, the lips sag; that's why toothless people often appear unhappy. Also, extreme loss of bone can make an individual more prone to jaw fractures. You may also find that some of your remaining teeth actually shift into the spaces left open by your missing teeth. This in turn can cause additional bite problems and even jaw joint (TMJ) pain.
Finally, compromised nutrition and poor general health can result if eating healthy foods like raw fruits and vegetables becomes too difficult without teeth.
Now here's the good news: Dental implants — the state-of-the-art tooth-replacement method — can prevent all this. Walk-in to Rayen Dental Care Centre or call us @ 9003879676 and our expert Dr. Roshan Rayen can clear your doubts on Implants and Tooth loss. It’s a one stop dental centre to find your solution and guidance for tooth loss.

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