Importance Of Software In Dental Practice

Importance of Software

Software exclusively for dental practice has become a mandatory in dental clinics with new technique in dental treatment and digital era has driven us to adapt to computers and other digital gadgets in our day to day dental practice. A good dental software helps us to record all data, clinical findings, investigations taken into a software and enables us to retrieve at any point of time without any paper backup.

There are lot of advantages in dental software. Few are:

  • Reduced paper documentation thereby occupying more space
  • Sharing data in various broadgrams for patients
  • Following up records to improvements in problems
  • Follow ups in patients mind
  • Setting of appointment times and reminder
  • Anticipating excalation at right time and recording it
  • Financial recordings in dental office
  • Stock and inventory management
  • Equipment maintainance issue and its finances.
  • Graphical analysis of the clinic performance in various catogories of dental treatment.
  • Anticipating busy and lean day participating appointments
  • Workflow management
  • Getting feedbacks and reviews from patients.

On the whole to put it in simple terms it helps us to “Document ….Evaluate…. Access… any document”.

Some of the good softwares used for dental office management that is available in India are:

  • Practo
  • Jithya
  • Poppy joe
  • Zolo etc.,
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