New Technogies In Pulp Vitality Testing

It is very important to check for vitality of pulp before endodontic procedure. More accurate and reliable test has been developed in recent years.

Few newer methods are:

  1. 1. Laser Doppler Flowmetry (LDF) – It sends laser light to the tooth and transmitted beam is received by photodetector.

  2. 2. Pulp oximetry – It measures the pulse rate of blood in the tooth and show the result in screen.

  3. 3. Dual Wavelength spectrophotometry – This method measures the oxygen level in capillaries using light beam and provides the result on screen

  4. 4. Wedging and staining method – Methylene blue and Erythrosine dye.

New Techniques In Pulp Testing

  • Transillumination with fiber-optic light

  • Plethysmography

  • Electromagnetic flowmetry

  • Hughes probeye camera

  • Measurement of temperature of tooth surface

  • Gas desaturation

  • Radiolabeled microspheres

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