Why do you have to choose your paedodontist for your loved one?

  1. 1.Specialized in Kids dental complexities:
  2. Pediatric dentist undergo a specialized 3 years of post-graduate training program which enables them to handle children much more effectively and efficiently.

  3. 2.Experts of child psychology:
  4. Every child is unique and so are his/her problems. They need to be approached differently. We as Pediatric dentists best know their psychology and handle them with ease.

  5. 3.Behavior modification:
  6. We know techniques to modify your child’s behavior and make it positive. This is very important for good treatment as children’s cooperation is very critical in a pediatric dental setup.

  7. 4.Child-friendly workplace:
  8. At KidznTeenz we have child friendly environment unlike general dental clinics, this is crucial as this has an impact on the child. The clinic is equipped with a television and other audio-video aids that are used to distract the kid while treatment. We also have toys in the clinic that keep children occupied and take their minds off anything that might be worrying them. The fun and welcoming paedodontist at our panel also make the child calm.

    Audio Visual Distraction – Rayen Dental Care
    Audio Visual Distraction – Rayen Dental Care

  1. 5.Specialized equipment:
  2. We feature smaller chairs and use equipment which are smaller in size and designed for kids’ little mouth. This makes a big difference to a child’s comfort. And we are one of the pioneers in sedation dentistry commonly known as laughing gas which is proven to aid the best in anxiety management.

  3. 6.Anxiety free treatment approach:
  4. We know how to keep children calm during treatment. Kids dentists are well prepared to help anxious and frightened children to be at ease and instill positive attitudes in them.

  5. 7.Well versed with the growth and development of a child:
  6. Children are in a continuous dynamic phase; hence their dentition is not established till they attend the age of 14-15. Paedodontist at KidznTeenz have good knowledge about the change happening in the mouth of your little ones and decide the age-appropriate treatment comprehensively.

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