Progressive Gum Disease: Symptoms, Causes and Risks

Progressive Gum Disease

Fluoride is the only content which is scientifically proven to benefit teeth enamel in helping to prevent cavities. The only hitch is that it has to leach the enamel in the right amount. More fluoride will cause irreversible damage to the enamel resulting in a condition called dental enamel fluorosis. Less fluoride results in no significant benefit. Optimum level hardens the enamel and prevents cavity formation. So consult your dentist to know the optimum level of fluoride requited for an adult. Consult a good pediatric dentist to know the requirement level if you value your child’s teeth.

Progressive Gum Disease
  • 1. Major causative factor for the gum problems are poor oral hygiene and improper brushing technique
  • 2. All the others are risk factors like.
    • i.Smoking, Paan chewing, alcohol
    • ii.Pregnancy and other hormonal changes
    • iii.Diabetes
    • iv.Self medication drugs.
    • v.Chronic diseases like AIDS.

  • Progressive Gum Disease – Rayen Dental Care
  • 3. Symptoms varies with the severity of the disease
    • i.Painful gums
    • ii.Bad breath
    • iii.Bleeding while brushing
    • iv.Reddish gums
    • v.Receding gums
    • vi.Sensitive teeth
    • vii.Pain and pus discharge from gums
    • viii.Loosening of tee
    • ix. Finally teeth loss
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