The joining of two or more teeth in to a rigid unit by means of fixed or removable device is splinting. Rigid or flexible device that maintains in position a displaced or movable part, also used to keep in place and protect an injured part.


  • To provide rest to the supporting tissues
  • Preservation of arch integrity
  • Restoration of functional stability
  • Promote healing and to increase patient’s esthetics, comfort and function
  • Stabilise moderate to advanced tooth mobility
  • Stabilise teeth with increased tooth mobility interfering with normal masticatory function
  • Prevent tipping or drifting of teeth
  • Prevent extrusion of unopposed teeth
  • Stabilise teeth following acute trauma and orthodontic tooth movement.


  • Temporary splints
  • Permanent splints
  • Titanium trauma splint
  • Cast metal splint
  • Composite wire splint
  • Composite interlocking splint
  • Band-arch wire splintsplint

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