Sutures In Dentistry

Sutures in Dentistry

Sutures play a vital role in dentistry. It the last phase of any surgical procedure like Extraction, Flap surgery, Biopsy, Surgical extraction, Implant, Frenectomy etc. It promotes haemostasis and enhances wound healing. Suturing means use of a strand or thread of material to approximate tissue or flap together and hold them in position until normal healing takes place.

Few functions of sutures are:

  • To decrease the size of the wound.
  • To promote oral hygiene and to reduce bacterial infection in that region.
  • To prevent food lodgment in that region.
  • To speeden up the recovery after surgery.

Different types of sutures are used in dentistry. It is classified into Absorbable and Non-Absorbable sutures which is further classified into Natural and synthetic sutures. Surgeon makes his selection based on suture that will loose its strength when the tissue regains its strength again.

  • Non-Absorbable sutures are used in slow healing tissues.
  • Absorbable sutures are used in rapidly healing tissues.
  • Synthetic non-absorbable sutures are preferred for cancer patients, malnourished patients, patients undergoing chemotherapy etc.

Thus suturing provides a valuable tool to control bleeding during dental procedures.

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