Our teeth are in such a way that they have several crevices, nooks, and corners where food particles can hide. However, braces take this game of hide and seek up a notch. Brackets and wires in the braces provide a whole new terrain for sneaky food debris. As a result, without proper oral care routine, your child can develop cavities, gum diseases, and even staining on their pearly white bunny teeth.

Brushing:Start with a soft-bristled brush and ortho brush which has a middle row of the bristle little lower than adjacent rows would be recommended by your dentist is to be used regularly.Instruct your child to brush in a circular pattern, and cover all areas of the teeth, especially between the wires of the braces. It’s best to work around with the toothbrush for a minimum of 2 minutes. Moreover, try following the rule of 2 by 2, brushing for two minutes twice a day. However, it’s better if your kid can brush after every meal, but brushing twice a day will be sufficed.

Flossing and Mouthwash: Following up with flossing is a great way. Wrap everything up by advising your child to use mouthwash preferably a fluoridated mouthwash. Follow Your Dentist’s advice: After getting braces, a team of your orthodontist will guide you and your child about everything you need to know to keep your kid’s mouth healthy.

Braces Care Routine – The diet

Anything your child eats will significantly affect the braces. Hence, you would need to make smart dietary choices for them. Generally, soft foods are preferred during the ortho treatment period.These foods include,Cooked vegetables, Soft bread, Yogurt and milk, Soft fruits and maybe Lean meats.On the other hand, you may need to eliminate some foods from the diet even though they may be your child’s most favorite food. Sticky foods such as candy can stick between the bracket, wires, and teeth, risking more cavities. Moreover, hard foods like nuts can damage the brackets and wires. So, a selective diet plan can help your child have an easy orthodontic treatment. Want to seek help from a professional dentist Dr. Roshan Rayen who will aid you at every step of the procedure during ortho treatment.

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