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Teeth colour is like your skin colour. It varies from person to person. No individual in the world have a perfect white teeth. Always teeth are yellowish white in colour.

The intensity of the yellow and white varies from person to person. Sometimes dark-skinned person tend to have a white teeth and fair skinned people have a more yellow teeth. It is all more of an optical illusion mismatch which creates that effect. There is always a lean towards whiter teeth by the public.

Scaling or general cleaning of teeth does not guarantee or ensure improvement in the colour of the teeth. It only improves the gum and surrounding structures overall oral health. So, to improve the colour of the teeth externally teeth whitening or bleaching is recommended. This can be done in the dental office or at your convenience at your home. It is called as in-office bleach or home bleach. Office bleaches concentration is high and the results are immediate. Home bleach concentration is low and the results are gradual. The composition it contains varies from company to company.

White Teeth – Dental Centre in Chennai

But the most common composition is carbamide peroxide, hydrogen peroxide (etc.,). In-office bleaching time is roughly 30 to 45 minutes. Home bleach usage is recommended for one week to see some visible results. All certain done the most important thing to remember is the outcome of the teeth whitening results are not permanent.

They are effective for a period of 6-12 months and slowly wear off same for both in-office bleach as well as home bleach. But it is definitely worth doing once at least in your lifetime to have a confident white smile for a brief period. Most important point to remember is that, it is not very harmful to your teeth and your gums. But during and immediately after the procedure the teeth will be sensitive for a while.

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