X-rays for Children

X-ray for Children – Rayen’s Dental Centre

For children since the size of the mouth is small, x-ray size and sensor size are also small, moreover the technique of taking the x-ray is also bit tricky. For adults we seat the patient and get the x-ray ready. In case of children it is reverse we get the x-ray unit ready show it to them and then seat the child. If incase the child is too young, x-rays are taken in the parent’s lap for better stability and psychological comfort for the child. For better sterilization protocols x-rays disposable sleeves are mandatory for better hygiene purposes. For OPFs also we need to demonstrate the machine functioning show a test function of the machine and then take the x-ray. X-rays in children are helpful in diagnosing dental cavities, status of the root, status of newly erupting tooth, identify the shedding time of the tooth, presence or absence of permanent tooth, whether the eruption process of teeth are in sync with their physical age, any alignment problems for the future, sufficient or insufficient space for newly erupting tooth, buried tooth, presence of extra tooth etc.

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