Usage Of X-Rays During Dental Procedures

Usage of X-rays – Best Dentist in Chennai

Most commonly x-rays acts as a confirmatory tool as well as a guiding tool during root canal treatment. Ideally each step of root canal treatment in adults require x-ray, good confirmation before proceeding to the next step. But clinicians tend to skip it due to experience and they believe in tactile sensation and use of apex locators to skip the use of x-rays in sequential stages. Another area where x-rays are used periodically is during implant placement for the pilot drill orientation to avoid any important nerve and maxillary sinus landmarks while placement of the implants. It is also a visual tool to showcase to the client the dental work performed for the tooth. It is a foolproof documentation method also for insurance claimed, to carry the records in a soft copy format if it is an overseas client (etc) for future follow-ups and reviews.

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