New fad for zirconia crowns in children

For badly broken back teeth stainless steel crowns were the only choice since 1950. Due to technological advancements and demand for cosmetic considerations, pre-formed zirconia crowns have penetrated the market large and wide. Our expert team of dental specialists has evaluated the 2 crowns and here is our true assessment.

  • Strength & Durability - Both steel and zirconia crowns will similar on this parameter. Though strength for zirconia may be marginally higher while on durability SS crown will be marginally better.
  • Cosmetic Appeal - This is where the zirconia crown is a great leap forward vis a vis the stainless steel crown. Also the biocompatibility of the body is excellent for zirconia crown. This means that zirconia crown looks just like the natural tooth.
  • Price - Zirconia crowns are almost 4 times more expensive than the steel crowns.

Adults Dentistry: We recommend zirconia crowns for the front teeth where aesthetics matter. For the rear teeth, we advise our adult patients to go for the hardworking steel crowns as they are more durable. Also it helps patients save money.

Kids Dentistry : When it comes to pediatric dentistry (dental care for the young ones), we are marching towards a metal free environment in the oral cavity. The only point to consider is that it needs a skilled pediatric dentist to handle the work and also the cost. Considering the overall benefits, zirconia crowns is a better choice for parents to consider for their child.

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