Cosmetic Spa dentistry

Cosmetic Spa dentistry Chennai

Power teeth whitening with latest light activated LED technology is utilized providing a complete makeover celebrity smile on chair in less than 30 minutes. Cosmetic correction of teeth alignment and protrusion with use of ceramic veneers,laminates, all ceramic crowns are done with complete individual planning with the latest CAD-CAM technology available in the market. To provide utmost comfort during long procedures clients have the choice to listen to sothening music to ease them off tension and stress during treatment.

When is cosmetic dentistry needed?

Cosmetic dentistry procedures can correct misshaped, chipped, discoloured, and missing teeth.

what do we do in cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a form of oral treatment that focuses on improving your smile. The treatment mainly focuses on improving your teeth’s aesthetics by correcting your teeth’s color, shape, position, size, and alignment.

Why you chose us?

  • 1.Increased self-esteem.
  • 2.A brighter, more even, more beautiful smile.
  • 3.Looking younger than your years.
  • 4.Reduced pain from previously crooked or damaged teeth.
  • 5.Better overall oral health


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