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Implantology for providing fixed teeth for adults is an upcoming specialty of dentistry with evolutionary changes happening in this field for the past 40 years .With the evolution in the science of implantology success rates have improved to a very great extent. Our director Dr. Roshan Rayen provides complete comprehensive solutions pertaining to implant at Rayen dental care centre. He provides solutions with the aid of cone beam computed tomography (BCT ) based planning of implant placement. The advantage is that precision in implant placement is good and success rate is high. As he had undergone multiple workshop training from various mentors from india and abroad he is able to provide successful solutions in implant dentistry. Rayen dental care centre at Nungambakkam provides all types of implantology solutions like cortical implants ,basal implants etc .The success of his treatments is meticulous planning and precise execution. As he himself is an expert in sedation dentistry he will be able to provide this treatment painlessly for the clients. So clients travel from all over India and abroad to get dental treatment with implants at our clinic at Nungambakkam

With the advancements in technology usage of implants for providing fixed false teeth structures to individuals has become very common in the medical capital of india which is Chennai. We at Rayen dental provide all the comprehensive array of services pertaining to dental implants in terms of variety, brands, types, cost, etc. The type of implant varies from individual to individual based on the type of problem. We Rayen dental which is one of the best clinics located at Nungambakkam, Chennai provide a fair and ethical worldwide accepted solution to your dental implant needs

As an individual undergoing implant you might have few doubts which will be classified with the following FSQ’s

1. what are implants and where is it used ?

Implants are titanium screw like structures fixed in the bone with the help of a few drills placed inside the bone .Once the implant is placed inside the bone this acts like an artificial root. This implant acts like a foundation for the artificial tooth to be placed on top of the implant.

2. What is the material in which implants are made of ?

All dental implants are basically made of titanium which is considered the best biocompatible material to the bone. Nowadays implants which are available in the market are mostly CT and MRI investigation compliant. They do not have a negative electromagnetic attraction towards the machine.

3. Is the dental implant procedure painful ?

Considering the procedure it is a minor oral surgical procedure which is usually done under local anesthesia. The discomfort of the procedure is less than a tooth extraction. But if multiple dental implants have to be placed the procedure takes long time .In that case we augment conscious sedation to make the patient comfortable .We are the experts in dental sedation in Chennai for any dental procedure. In tamilnadu we are the first to initiate NOIS(nitrous oxide inhalational sedation )for pain and anxiety management in dentistry. Dr.Roshan Rayen is an invited guest speaker in many dental forums pan india to talk about NOIS sedation in dentistry. We have handled successfully more than 2000 cases under dental sedation for various dental procedures. So come to use to have a painless and comfortable dental implant work at our dental centre.

4. What are the types of dental implants ?

Cortical implants are the worldwide accepted methodology of implant placements. Basal implants even though not very popular are used in dire compromised bone situations. Selection of the type of implants depends on the client expectations ,bone availability, financial budget, type of teeth etc. We at Rayen dental take all factors into consideration before coming up with the best possible solution for the patient. We are the best dental clinic in Chennai to provide a fair, comprehensive and ethical assessment in this regard.

5. Who are not ideal candidates for dental implants??

Patients with very poor general health like uncontrolled diabetes, hypertension ,smokers are high risk candidates for dental implants. Old age is not considered a risk factor for dental implants provided the availability of bone is good.

6. If good bone is not available what is the alternative?

If the bone available is insufficient in height and width we usually place bone grafts and improve the height and width of the bone. Once we gain sufficient height and width of the bone which usually takes 6-8 months after which dental implants are placed.

7. What are the investigations needed to assess the patients in need for the implants?

Records needed are,Good intra and extra oral photographs, study model, ray and cone beam computed tomography scan(CBCT )

CBCT is an excellent tool to assess the bone 3 dimensionally (length, width ,height of the bone)there are computer based software’s in which implants can be placed in the bone virtually before placing in the patient’s mouth. there are also surgical guides which aids clinician to place the implant with the help of CBCT. At Rayen dental, we always follow all the protocols as per U.S.A & U.K standards, pertaining to implant placement, CBCT based implant planning & surgical guides are our routine guides for us in Rayen dental care, Nungambakkam, Chennai.

When all the protocols are followed implant failures are less and placement of implant is more precise. so meticulous planning helps in good execution when the implant is placed inside the bone with least complications.

We are one of the best in Chennai to place implant in this aspect.

1. What is immediate loading and delayed loading?

Immediate loading and delayed loading are terminologies used by the dentist for placing the teeth over the implant after the implant is placed in the bone. Immediate loading is placing the tooth immediately after the implant is placed . Delayed loading is placing the teeth after a period of 3-6 months to allow the implant to integrate with the bone.

A good implantologist will be the right person to decide whether immediate /delayed loading is needed according to each and every clinical situation in patient’s mouth. Entrust your trust with a good implantologist whether to place the tooth immediately or later if you are planning to go for implants.

There are various scientific factors, which decides this aspect of implant dentistry. We at Rayen dental does both ways of implants taking into consideration all the factors ,which are essential to decide on this aspect.

2. What are types of teeth present over the implants?

All types of teeth placement ranging from acrylic, ceramic, metal ,gold to zirconia can be done over implants. Again these teeth can be fixed over implants in 2 ways, either it is a screw retained or cementable prosthesis .Again the clinician will decide which type of prosthesis for what implant leave judgment to clinician to decide Scientific data on majority prefers screw retained prosthesis for longevity .but that does not indicate ,cementable prosthesis are inferior. We at Rayen dental do a majority of screw retained prosthesis and minority of cementable prosthesis. We have the best lab support for implantology work in Chennai to provide best results to global standards.

3. Are any added surgical procedures required in surgical implants?

Added surgical procedures like direct/indirect sinus lift, bone grafting to improve bone height , collagen, PRF to enhance the soft tissue(gums)may be the need of the hour according to each clinical situation. it may or may not be required according to the bone condition.

4. What is the average cost for the dental implant?

An average cost for dental implant ranges from 22,000INR to 50,000INR depending upon the quality of the implant and the system used. agaon bone is the important factor to decide on implant stability and not the type. this cost is comparatively very less than in U.S.A & U.K wherein they charge 5000-6000 US dollars .so in our clinic ,lot of NRIs come and get done implants at cheaper rates and good quality and also have a tourism holiday visit to india along with the dental work.

5. How is the pain factor of implant work managed?

As we are experts in sedation dentistry ,the pain is effectively managed with least surgical discomfort &less possible time required for doing the treatment.


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