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With the increase in lifespan of every individual in our country maintenance of the gums and the surrounding bone is imperative to prolong a healthy life for the teeth. Apart from dental health maintenance gum procedures for cosmetic purposes like laser based gingival recession management, melanin depigmentation (etc) are performed with utmost care taking into consideration sculpting a perfect smile for the patients.

What is Dental LASER therapy? How does it work?

LASER stands for “light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation.” The instrument creates light energy in a very narrow and focused beam. This laser light produces a reaction when it hits tissue, allowing it to remove or shape the tissue.

Why to Use LASER? What is my Benefit?

The main benefit that comes with choosing dental laser is that this type of treatment tends to be less invasive while also causing less pain if any. The following are more laser dentistry benefits to be had:

  • 1.The use of anaesthesia can be avoided
  • 2.Minimizes any bleeding
  • 3.Minimizes bacterial infections
  • 4.Causes less damage to surrounding gum tissue
  • 5. Less need for stitches
  • 6.Everything tends to heal faster

When Is Laser Used in Dentistry?

  • 1.Removing tissue around an exposed wisdom tooth
  • 2.Reshaping gum tissue
  • 3.Crown lengthening procedures
  • 4.Removing inflamed gum tissue
  • 5.Removing muscle attachments that restrict tongue or lip movement
  • 6.Accelerating in-office bleaching
  • 7.Preparing tooth enamel for composite bonding

Will it bleed during or after the procedure?

Lasers are used to seal blood vessels to reduce bleeding. Further, they promote blood clotting, which means that the treated area will not be subjected to bleed too long and heals faster.

Will it be painful during or after the procedure?

Laser dentistry is not as painful as traditional treatment methods and makes you more comfortable during and after the procedure because of the quick healing.

What are the precautions to be taken after the procedure?

  • 1.To intake the proper prescribed medicine
  • 2.To avoid hot and chewy food for a day or two
  • 3.To do a gentle brushing for the healing to happen

Do I need anaesthesia’s for the procedure?

It depends of difference of cases, whether it’s a hard tissue or a soft tissue procedure and the depth of the procedure also matters.

How long does it take to heal?

Since the laser promotes immediate clotting, the healing also initiates quicker than the conventional method.

Advantages of Using Lasers in Dentistry

  • 1.Pain free
  • 2.Less bleeding
  • 3.No sutures
  • 4.Quick healing
  • 5.Less bacterial infection

Why We Are the Best Laser Dental Clinic in Chennai?

We care our patients and would like to provide them the best treatment with almost care, comfort, ease with good sterilisation protocols.


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