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FAQ’s about dental braces!-orthodontics

What is the right age to start braces?

Dental braces is most commonly done in children. but with the advancements in technology young and middle aged adults are also advisel for dental braces. As soon as the problem is identified any age could be a right age to start set righting the teeth and jaw in position. for setting right the teeth the most common age is 11-13 years.

Is there any customized braces system available ?

Yes we at Rayen dental are specialized in providing customized braces for that particular client for that particular solution. customized braces are called as individual orthodontics –IP appliance. They provide better results and are very client friendly .The product design is completely performed with the help of a software called smile stream.

What are the types of braces available and which is the best?

There is nothing called as the best braces. But your braces specialist will be able to tell you which braces will suit you the best according to the existing problem. So my sincere suggestion is to leave the choice to your dentist.

The types available are,

Visible braces:

  • Metal braces
  • Ceramic braces
  • Self ligating braces

Hidden braces:

  • Lingual braces
  • Clear aligners

Are braces meant to correct the teeth or teeth and jaw or the entire face?

Teeth are present in the jaw. Teeth and jaw are present in the face. So braces have the ability to change the teeth foremost which on a secondary basis realizes the jaw and of course the face also. but if the jaw problems are more severe it requires add on correction like headgear, reverse pull headgear, chin cap etc. In completely grown up individuals with jaw issues may require orthognathic surgery also to reposition the jaws.

Does braces are meant for cosmetic correction ?

Braces are teeth positions from a common man’s perspective. but a good braces specialist will look at it from an overall functional improvement in oral and general health of the individual. There are certain specific jaw corrections like maxillary expansion, fixed twin block which helps to improve and correct neck position ,sleep apnoea ,ENT issues ,etc,. To summaries braces in orthodontics improvises your cosmetic oral health, functional oral and general health.

Can braces lead to dental cavities??

The braces treatment usually takes 18-24 months. During the treatment period if the braces and teeth are not maintained properly you can land up with multiple white spot cavities which left untreated can lead to cavitations of teeth and will require restorative (fillings) intervention. So proper maintenance is mandatory for proper correction of the issue.

To summarize Rayen dental at Nungambakkam is one of the best in Chennai city to address cosmetic problems of various forms. We at Rayen dental address malocclusion from a comprehensive perspective directly under the care of our director, Dr. Roshan Rayen who is a pediatric dentist and has also undergone fellowship training in orthodontics from connectiant U.S.A. He is a versatile clinician with good clinical acumen in handling all varieties of teeth alignment problems.

Apart from cosmetics what are the other benefits of braces ?

  • Improving the alignment of teeth improves the gum health and better brushing of teeth and no bleeding gums.
  • Improves the functioning of TMJ ( tempero mandibular joint).
  • Reduces wear and tear of teeth.
  • Reduces migraines, ear problems, improves sleep quality.
  • Reduces sleep and bedwetting in children.
  • Improves nasal breathing Patten.


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