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With the advent of newer materials, equipment and technique root canal treatment even in multiple teeth is no more a pain staking or a time consuming procedure. With the usage of rotary endodontics, apex locator’s digital radiographs root canal treatment is done with more precision, accuracy with less number of appointments and time consumption. In complicated cases like difficult root curvatures; re-root canal treatment of highly infected teeth may require a specialist attention.

Root Canal Treatment:

Root canal treatment is the cleaning of the infected root canals and filling them with an inert material.

When is Root Canal Treatment advised?

When the decay proceeds beyond the dentine into the pulp and the patient is already suffering from pain.

What to expect during a Root Canal procedure?

Pulp would be removed and canals are shaped and sealed and then following a final restoration.

What is a post and when is it required?

When a tooth crown is grossly decayed, placement of post is very much needed which will act as extra reinforcement stabilising and securing the tooth structure.

How many visits are required to complete root canal treatment?

If the infection is mild to moderate, the RCT can be completely in just one visit. But, if the grade of infection is severe then I might require 2 visits.

Single Visit Root Canal Treatment

Conventionally, root canal treatment is a two-visit procedure, but with the advancements in the procedure and the dental materials it can be completed in a single visit in certain conditions.

How much does Root Canal Treatment cost in Chennai?

In a range of Rs. 4,000 - 8,000 and a laser root canal might cost up to Rs. 10,000.

Why is there a huge variation in the cost of root canal treatment in Chennai among different dentists?

Root canal treatment is most successful when executed by a specialist i.e. Endodontist. The accuracy of the procedure and the comfort of the patient during the procedure is best when done by experienced endodontist. The armamentarium used and the materials used are also highly variable. Better the expertise and the quality of materials, higher is the cost. Hence the charges of root canal treatment in Chennai varies.

Is a crown necessary after Root Canal Treatment?

After Root canal treatment, the tooth becomes brittle and hence a crown is mandatory in most of the cases.

Is root canal treatment procedure painful?

With advancement in technology, the root canal treatment procedure can be a very much painless, comfortable procedure.

How long does root canal treatment last?

A properly done root canal treatment would last as long as the gums and bones are healthy. However regular annual follows up visit with your dentist is needed for the optimal success of any treatment.

Laser-Assisted Root Canal Treatment

Use of laser allows more precision and accuracy in the root canal treatment however currently in chennai it is only used as an adjunct to conventional root canal treatment and not as replacement probably because of the higher cost.

If my tooth is infected or traumatized, how will Root Canal Treatment save it?

Because root canal treatment helps in complete removal of the infection and then irrigation and shaping of the canals are done to prevent reinfection before sealing the canals.


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