How are we different from others?
Basically we strive to work on dental treatment planning for patient with least amount of discomfort to be experienced by the seeker. We do not compromise on the quality of treatment administered; at the same time striagent protocols are followed.

“driven with passion towards dentistry is our objective”

The chief dental surgeons choice of dentistry as a profession was not accidental but incidental. So his commitment and energy exuded towards dental care is phenomenal.
What is it which makes your clinic so special or maybe a standout from other routine dental clinics?
We standout in three different aspects of dentistry

(a) conscious sedation dentistry- the Chief surgeon is himself an instructor and train fellow dentist in this field.

(b) dentofacial orthodontics-braces with a USA based individual patient appliance system designed specifically for each individual requirement . www.pos-ortho.com (USA)

(c) TMD clinic- there is a concept of TMD which is of pivotal importance not only for good dental health but for your entire general health like migraine, cervival spondylitis,neck and shoulder pain for which your teeth could be a triggering factor. Dr . Roshan Rayen analyses this aspect of dental issues with detail for each individual. He calls this as “holistic approach towards dental care”.
What is your strength and what is your weakness?
Our strength: “ word of mouth” spread of our work and patients are refered mutually.

Our weakness: “striving to improvise on our work in whatever we do”-“END IS NOT THE WORD”.
Your futuristic vision?
Most of the time,
We mimic the west in whatever we do, FUTURISTIC PREDICTION:
VISION - “Western countries should mimic India in whatever we do in the field of dentistry” → “this is our vision and working towards realising it”
MISSION - Think…..Work……Strive.
VALUE - Care……..Confidence……..Credibility.
Is dental treatment always painful and uncomfortable ?
Proper analysis of the dental problems and prior anticipation of the patient’s response based on each individuals pain threshold and discomfort during dental treatment can be minimized to a very great extent. With the use of conscious sedation and topical anaesthetic gels; fear of injections and pain during dental procedures are no more experienced in our clinic. Even sometimes our clients have a good snooze in the dental chair while the treatment is carried out.
Is placement of implants a difficult procedure to undergo for patients ?
If the patient is ideally fit and if good implant systems are used implant placement is simpler, less time consuming and simpler than a tooth extraction.
Do general health problems affect dental health ?
“Mouth is the mirror of the body”

Every health issue encountered in our general health can show its manifestation on the dental health also like bleeding gums, halitosis (bad mouth odour), non healing mouth ulcers and sensitivity. So, a dental check up once a year is compulsory for everyone and once in six months check up is mandatory for children.
Does cosmetic dental treatment have major side effects in the body ?
With the recent advancements in materials available for dental treatment cosmetic smile makeovers can be done by each and every individual if there is a social need. It boosts your self-confidence, provides better appeal to your image and of course improves your teeth functioning efficiency.
Is taking care of children’s teeth very important ?
Pediatric dentistry is a separate super specialty in dentistry which starts taking care right from the day the child is one year old. This nurturing helps them to be better young adults with lesser dental problems so that maintenance of dental health becomes easier and cost effective.
Do dental problems persist throughout our life ?
Do dental problems persist throughout our life?

It is not necessary for a dental problem to be present throughout life. If teeth are properly maintained with proper brushing and dietary habits the possibility of problems is reduced to a very great extent. It is analyzed that the cost vs benefit ratio for preventive vs therapeutic treatment is 1:40 (i.e.) for every one rupee spent on preventing a dental problem you are likely to save 40 rupees on treating a dental problem.
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