Dental Implant (Vs) Dental Bridge

Dental Implant Bridge

Both dental Implant and Dental Bridges are fixed options of replacing lost teeth. Dental Implant is a Titanium fixture placed inside the bone and to this fixture, A supra structure abutment is placed on the gums and on top of which a tooth is replaced. Dental Bridges are done to replace lost tooth by taking support on two teeth on either side. So in a Bridge, two good teeth are grinded to replace a single tooth thereby totaling up three lab works are involved. So when coming up to deciding whether to replace a lost tooth with Implant or Bridge, there are few factors to be taken into consideration. Before coming up to the factors an overall scientific study states that Dental Bridge have a life of 10-15 years following which the supporting tooth lands up with breaking or detaining the tooth structure.

Following this issue, repair or refabrication or expansion of bridge work is needed. To overcome this issue Dental Implants are considered viable option because there is no disturbance in adjacent teeth for replacing single lost tooth provided sufficient bone is available to replace the lost tooth.

The factors to be considered whether to decide on Dental implant or Dental Bridge:

  • Viability of the supporting teeth.
  • Gum condition of the supporting teeth.
  • Root canal requirement of the supporting teeth.
  • Cost factor.
  • Availability of bone for the implant
  • Aesthetics.

To conclude, it is always best to get good dentist opinion pertaining to the condition whether to go for Dental Implant or Dental Bridge for replacing lost tooth.

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