Fluoride – A double edged sword

Fluoride is the only content which is scientifically proven to benefit teeth enamel in helping to prevent cavities. The only hitch is that it has to reach the enamel in the right quantity. Too much fluoride may cause irreversible damage to the enamel resulting in a condition called dental enamel fluorosis. Too less fluoride on the other hand results in no significant benefit and can leave your teeth with cavities in the long run.

Optimum quantity of fluoride hardens the enamel and prevents cavity formation. So consult your dentist to know the optimum level of fluoride requited for an adult.

It may be noted further that the fluoride intake for every child will be dependent on age, gender and dental condition. So it is important to consult a good pediatric dentist to know the optimal level of fluoride for your child’s dental health.

Note: For each child the preventive plan is different – it’s not the same for all children

Flouride Intake Plan for Kids:

Fluoride Table
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