Importance of Digital Dental X-Rays

Importance of digital dental X-rays

Digital x-rays are almost replaced 80 percent of the conventional x-rays used in dental office. Advantages of digital dental x-rays are:

  • No use of developer and fixer.
  • No use for scheduled x-ray developing box.
  • More importantly the radiation dosage used is 1/4th the usage of conventional x-rays making it safer.

Technical advantage of digital dental x-rays are:

  • Enhanced clarity
  • Zooming in and zooming out of the image
  • Measurement scales to access and measure roots of tooth for RCT
  • Documentation
  • Old x-rays evaluated with good clarity in follow ups
  • Iopa are available as RVG (Radio visual graphy)
  • Phosphorglates in which digital film is used for evaluation.

Even extra oral x-rays like OPG, Lateral cephalogram, CBCT are intimated in digital format for evaluation as and when required. So the digital dentistry has taken over a huge participation in a good clinician’s life to make dentistry much easier and to perform with more passion.

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