First dental visit for a child

Normally, the advised first dental visit for a child or a baby is recommended by first year of life. But most often in India this advice is not followed by the public due to lack of awareness by the parents and also lack of importance given to children’s future dental health. But if this importance and priority is given and the visit is done by a good pediatric dentist you are bound to get a lot of information about dental health maintenance of the child teeth for the future. There is a high possibility you are bound to save a lot on the financial aspect and time spent on treating dental problems by preventing them.

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The topics of discussion in a first dental visit are

  • How to brush and maintain baby teeth?
  • List of deleterious habits which can harm baby’s teeth
  • Importance of baby teeth and gateway to future cavity free permanent teeth
  • Problems anticipated in your child’s mouth and teeth and how to overcome it?
  • Parental role in maintaining child’s teeth
  • Diet and its importance pertaining to dental health
  • Functional problems anticipated from your child’s teeth and surrounding structures and how to prevent them
  • Note on cavity prevention methodologies
  • Note on how to avoid falls and its importance to teeth (
  • Importance of dental health to the general health of the child.

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