Usage of Dental X-rays in children

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Dental x-rays are used in children also without much risk of radiation exposure as the dosage used is 1/10th of what is used for adults. For the comfort of the child’s mouth, x-ray films and censors are smaller in size to accommodate comfortably in a child’s mouth. It is highly recommended to take x-rays in children’s teeth before initiating dental treatment to assess the extent of decay in child’s mouth, presence of permanent teeth etc. X-rays help to assess the dental age of the child, presence or absence of permanent tooth buds space sufficient or insufficient for erupting teeth, presence of any extra tooth etc. It also helps in diagnosing whether the permanent tooth in setting stick inside (Implanted tooth) any swelling associated growth etc.

Usage of Dental – Rayen’s Dental Centre

Usage of orthopantomograph:

Orthopentomogram in a commonly investigated full mouth x-rays in adults to assess the condition of all the teeth in one shot x-rays. It is helpful in diagnosing problems is wisdom tooth, gums and surrounding bone issues in adult, presence of large dental cavities and root infection, presence or absence of existing tooth buried in the bone, condition of the temperomandibular joint, fracture in the bone, any gross sinus infection, cystic condition, growth in the jaw, erosion of bone, placement of dental implant and its position. It is also useful in children for multiple reasons like assessing the eruption process of teeth, dental decay,(etc).

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